I’ve worked in the consumer goods industry for all of my working life. After a line management career spanning 17 years and three continents, covering diverse roles from Sales Representative to Sales and Marketing Director, I redirected my energy and enthusiasm toward founding engage, a global management consultancy that leverages the power of a unique vision of consumer marketing, shopper marketing and customer management to deliver better brand returns.

Together with my fabulous team we deliver unique insight, thinking, and robust development solutions that transform sales and marketing teams for many of the world’s leading consumer goods companies. We’ve worked with lots of different clients: Sony, Philips, Coca Cola, Unilever, Kimberley-Clark, True, Yum! and 7-11 to name but a few. In fact, we’ve had the privilege of being able to serve over a hundred corporations: fifty or more of which are in teh top 250 consumer goods companies globally.

We recognize that transforming company performance is a cross-functional issue, and we work hard to create integrated solutions and advice which really help consumer goods companies move their business forward. We take a facilitated approach where possible to create real ownership of the journey among client teams.

My aim is to share our thinking and solutions with as many people as possible, which I do through engage, this blog, and many seminars and conferences around the world. In addition, my first book – The Shopper Marketing Revolution – which I have co-authored with my business partner, Toby Desforges – was published in 2014.


You can get a free chapter of The Shopper Marketing Revolution here or buy it here!